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Promotional Products include a wide range of items that companies have profitably used to increase brand awareness and strengthen loyalty amongst target market. Promotional clothing is one example of these multi-range promo products used by many companies today. Commonly used Promotional Products include t-shirts, polos, jackets, caps, and others. These items are common because of their high wearability and less expensive printing cost. Thus, if you want to order some apparel for your trade show and other events, the following are some printing methods you have to be familiar with to come up with a cost-effective marketing plan.

Screen Printing

Apparel Promotional Products are oftentimes printed in silk screen. Screen printing is a popular decorating method often incorporated in t-shirts and other apparel. The process of silk screen printing or screen printing simply uses silk threads that do the imprinting process. However, silk threads are substituted today with polyester that is woven into a mesh thread. The thread is then used to creating the stencil ink that is forced unto the clothing material.


One popular method is embroidery. Embroidery is a process that can be used in various types of textile and accessories. This is a more personal approach to imprinting company logo on Promotional Products made for special and valuable customers. Embroidered products range from corporate apparel including caps, hats, socks, and many more that also emphasize the company's creativeness. Massive embroidered Promotional Products also make use of giant machines that make the embroidery instead of manual labor. Embroidery can be traced hundreds of years ago by ancient Egyptians and still remains one of the most common decorating methods today.

Laser Etching

Apart from silk screen printing and embroidery, apparel Promotional Products also undergo laser etching. This is done by burning the company logo into the textile or fabric with the use of highly advanced laser. Common promo items imprinted with laser etching include fleece, towels, and other thick fabric.

Other Processes

There are also other creative options used in printing promo items made of fabric or textile. Some of the other methods include pewter decoration, rubber, high frequency, and liquid metal. You can use these methods to printing apparel.

So whatever printing method your company chooses, make sure the design is creatively done to attract the preference of your target market. This is important because printed apparel also serve as effective walking advertisement.

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